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The Cobb International Film Festival hosts a monthly Indie Film Night at the Strand Theater to provide local Indie Filmmakers the opportunity to introduce their films to the public and see them on the big screen. The Strand Theater is a 600 seat theater on Historic Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia. We typically screen one Feature Length Film and two Short Films each Indie Film Night.


Indie Film Schedule for 2019

JANUARY 16, 2019

Comfortless - (Drama) a feature film by local (Cobb County) high school student Ryan Manley. The film follows a young woman named Rebecca and her relationship with Thomas. Shortly after their relationship begins, dark secrets about Thomas are revealed.

Blind Trust - (Drama) A clairvoyant (Laura) stresses over a "love triangle" between her fiance and an unseen Blind Man.
Penny For Your Thought - (Drama) Seeing the world through the eyes of Penny, we witness the good, the bad and the ugly that happens when she intervenes in her mother's abusive relationship.
See Her - (Drama) A fearful young doctor becomes trapped in a laboratory and finds solace in a female mirage.

APRIL 3, 2019

Scrabble: (Comedy) When Frank's girlfriend is kidnapped by an underground prostitution ring, a neighborhood loser clashes with a pimp, Asian gangers and renegade killer out for revenge. It's a tale of love, power and loads of feel-good laughs.

A Toast to a Dead man: (Drama) A mercenary's life isn't the safest career choice. He's the last remaining member of his team and in honor of them all, he toasts to their lives...and deaths...but is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Hammer Hands: (Horror) A student film about a killer who has hammers for hands.



Down and Yonder by Geoff James- (Comedy) In a small rural town, two friends examine their lives, relationships and futures.

Mr Smiles by Tyler Weddle - (Horror) Julia, a sad and lonely teenager, is in for a terrifying night when one of her childhood books comes to life to bring a smile to her face.

The Remembering -by Axel Arzola - (Drama) What's the Afterlife? Imagine you have one last chance to see memories of your life before they are erased. Which would you pick. Who would you want to see one last time? These are the choices Erin has to make.

Not Alone - by Bradley Howe - (Horror) Claire investigates strange paranormal events in her home only to discover a sinister entity that's all too familiar.

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

The short film catalogue from local filmmakers Iron Shadow Cinema will be screened:

Shadow Over Butterburg Message From Beyond Momma
Lost Bike You Can't Scare Me
Mr Beakman's Toys Take 48
Cherry Bomb Stop Doing That
Smothering Pillows Dark Thar
Jason's Nightmare The Grinning Man
Sexbot Victim
Ahead in the Road Reunited
How To Make a Snuff Film One Piece
Toxic Carmilla

MAY 15, 2019

Screening of the international finalists from the 72 Hour Horror Film Race

  • Accessible by James Martyka

  • Audition by Victoria Deleshaw

  • Barren by Michael Entler

  • Box Boy by Nate Lacroix

  • Caller Unknown by Ryan Miller

  • Daddy’s Girl by John Thurman

  • Exiled from Eden by Chase Smith

  • Eye of the Beholder by Christopher Bollini

  • Hot Pot by Virinderpaul Singh

  • My Dead Brother’s Things by Ron Dick

  • Radio Silence by William Fleming

  • Realisation by Jo=nathan Dempsey

  • Teachable Moment by Brian Sanders

  • The Visit by Eric Ahang

  • Why Be You by Andrew Guaramano

MARCH 13, 2019

Screening of the international finalists from the 100 Hour Film Race

1963 (Canada) Almost Lost (Los Angeles, California)
Anamnesis (Canada) Blue Moon (Missouri)
Crisp (Massachusetts) Curtain Call (Georgia)
Deeper State (Georgia) Dust (Georgia)
Forget (Texas) Hiraeth (Connecticut)
Mislaid (Georgia) Nah, Sorry (Texas)
Painful Concoctions (California) Terror Reading (Washington)
The Eyes Have It (New Jersey)
The Verso Verdict (Florida)
We Forgot The Title ( New Hampshire)

JUNE 12, 2019

Bobblehead (by James Stacey) - A family goes through the ups and downs of life in the front seat of their car, always accompanied by their Bobblehead on the dashboard.

Box (by James Dempster) - A man frantically dumps a body after committing an accidental murder, frightened he rushes home only to find a large ominous wooden Box on his doorstep. 

Kings (by Jamaal Scott) - KINGS follows Rookie African American police officer Brandon Billips his first night on the job after being sworn into the Oakland Police Department and the choices he's faced with when his veteran partner starts to abuse the power of his badge.

Method (by Alissa Scherb) - A woman wakes up in a dark basement, only to face a mysterious kidnapper. When her husband discovers she’s missing and begins his search for her, he uncovers the startling truth. 

Parked (by Brian White) - Max Grillinger wakes up, handcuffed to his car, in the middle of nowhere. When a stranger comes along, Max realizes that asking for help may be more than he bargained for. Starring Ricky Jordan II and Teance Blackburn. A film from Brian White and Shaun Wells. 

Planet (by Bill Sebastian) - With space exploration budgets dwindling, funds are raised by selling off distant planets. What begins as an overture from a husband to his wife, turns into a mystery with the power to alter their lives.

Redneck Zombie (by Drew Giles) - A story about two Redneck Brothers that live in the Zombie Apocalypse where nothing much happens.

Residence 906 (by Iesha Price) - The mysterious deaths of a paranormal investigator's team force her to confront an enigmatic demon.

Room (by Sijing Yang) - A young actress travels to attend an audition. She shares the house with a single middle-aged hostess. She notices a locked room in the house and wants to reveal the secret of the old lady.