Wish and the Wisp.jpg


Short Film (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

a film by Vashmere Valentine

Two bickering siblings learn the true value of friendship and the magic of believing, when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back!


At only 20 years old, Vashmere Valentine began his acting career by appearing in various television commercials, on NBC’s Law & Order, and MTV’s VJ For A Day. Vashmere Valentine’s acting abilities were quickly acknowledged by Chris Rock when the actor and comedian chose Vashmere to read over the first script of the DreamWorks’ 2003 comedy, “Head of State.” In 2010, he turned his focus to storytelling and wrote the children’s book series, “The Dream Stowaway, “The Dream Stowaway in Forgotten Dreams,” and “Michael’s Wonderful World.”

After publication, Vashmere took on the title of head writer and film director for Good Screenplays where he created and developed the pilot for an animated cartoon series to be based on his books. Since then, he has gone on to build his portfolio by working with well-known entertainers such as DJ Headkrack, Arnes Spears, and Kim Fields. Further pursuing his career in film, Vashmere is attending AIU in Atlanta where he is working towards his BFA in media production.

In 2016, Vashmere was hired by CoLab Productions as director and screenwriter for “Voyage to the Moon,” a short film intended to raise awareness for child abuse, and later that year, Vashmere took on the role of creative director and screenplay writer for “Off-Beat,” a comedy that many are calling the next “Rush Hour.” Vashmere’s most recent projects include the multi-award-winning fantasy short film, “The Wish and the Wisp," which has been entered into over 70 film festivals in both the United States and abroad. Vashmere is currenty residing in Atlanta GA, and working on “Monster Con,” his first feature film.