Short Film (Comedy)

a film by Andrew Kadakian (USA)

Mildred has a complicated family history with VestiCon but now she finds herself as the grandmaster of the 2019 convention.


Andrew Kadikian was born on the 6th of August 1991 to Sonia Kadikian and Raymond Kadikian in Glendale, California. Neither of his parents were involved in the entertainment industry but somehow both he and his half sister, Michelle Kadikian, found their way into entertainment careers. Andrew was interested in film from a very young age. In high school, he entered a basic filmmaking class and put together a group of frineds to actively make short films on their free time. He hasn't stopped making films since. People close to him speak of how ferociously passionate he is about the craft.

In film school, Andrew studied under a group of Columbia University alumni including Michael Connors, Sean Mullin, Jonathan London and Jonathan LeMond. While studying there, he met longtime friends and collaborators Ryan Stockstad and Gui Pereira. Together, both during and after Andrew's time at film school, they would compete in many years of the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project competition, garnering themselves many awards and nominations for short films such as That Bastard Santa (2015), The Calliope Box (2016), and Wine Guys (2017). They also went on to work together on the action/thriller web series Necessary Measures (2012), the paintball romantic comedy Walk-Ons (2014), and the science fiction/action pilot short film, Athena (2017).