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Short Film (Romance, Drama)

a film by Bruno Catarino (England)

A girl of humble heritage and with big dreams moves to London with the man she loves, but soon finds out not everything is rosy in the big city.


Bruno Catarino

I was born in Portugal, in a small town 70 Kms south of Lisbon. At 18, I really wanted to work in film, but back then, film was a career with no future in Portugal, so I opted for the safety of IT, having graduated and worked as a Software Developer for the past twelve years.

However, during that period, I had these voices in my head telling me stories. I tried to shut them down, but with time, they grew louder. When I finally moved to London, the voices were too loud to ignore. I decided to learn the craft of screenwriting.

I wrote more than a handful of shorts and a couple of features in several different genres. The first one was Humans Like Us, an ensemble sci-fi drama, which I later adapted as a TV pilot. I also wrote the psychological horror Second Born, the crime drama The Last Day of Autumn, and currently researching for the epic Sebastian, based on the myth created around the disappearance of King Sebastian I of Portugal that still lives 5 centuries later.

At some point in my writing career, writing was not enough anymore, so I started collaborating with other filmmakers to get some experience on set. I’ve helped with the web-series Ghost Keeper, initially just lending a hand on whatever was needed, but ended up directing several episodes.

Wanting to get my own work made, I wrote, crowdfunded, directed, produced and edited my first short film, For the Children, which was a painful but a fantastic learning experience. Each of those roles taught me valuable lessons about filmmaking.

More recently, I started a collaboration with a new writer/producer. We have shot together my second short, Forgotten Things (which I also wrote), and this short, Uncle Ted. I'm currently developing my next short.

Among my main directing and/or writing references are Darren Aronofsky, John Ford, Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Edgar Wright, Steven Spielberg, and Rod Serling.

Director Statement