Smoke Poster.jpg


Narrative Feature (Drama)

a film by Mackleen Desravines

Two attorneys face off in trying to decide the fate of a man, who in a fit of rage commits an unthinkable crime. Natasha Marshall, prosecution attorney, believes in justice and the death penalty, while Joe Tucker, defense attorney, thinks time served in jail can change and rehabilitate a person. When being faced with a suffering family and flashbacks of her private grief, Natasha fights against what the law demands to find justice in the pool of blood created by rage.


Mackleen Desravines is an Atlanta filmmaker by way of Boston, Massachusetts. Mackleen started her career in film by writing and producing her web series “The Adjuncts” currently on Youtube. From there, she continued to film and produce other films both long and short form. “Smoke” is her first feature film and also her directorial debut.