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Short Film (Drama)

a film by Anish Pallyal (India)

A taxi driver is approached by a stranger to take his unsuspecting friend to the psychiatric hospital in the mountain pass. But on the way, the driver gets confused about who among the two passengers is actually deranged. 

On the surface, Rosa Lima is an edgy, surrealistic contemplation of the ubiquity of mental ill health and the blind spots that we encounter when we confront our own psychological aberrations. 

But in the backdrop of the current politically charged India, where a right wing regime is leading the country through an atmosphere of intolerance and mob violence, Rosa Lima is also about a citizen searching for the culprit for his nation’s derangement. Is it the media? Or the right wing organisations? Or the ruler? Or is it someone else?


Anish is a psychiatrist from India currently in Melbourne for training. 
He has a number of screenwriting credits including the Indian feature film ‘The Summer of Miracles’ (2017) which has been screened and recognized at international film festivals including the New York Indian Film Festival, UK Asian Film festival, Singapore South Asian Film Festival, Melbourne Indian Film Festival, International Film Festival of Kerala, Mumbai International Film Festival and Film Bazaar, Goa. He has also written a Canadian short film ‘The Search’, which was selected to the Filmmaker Assistance Program (FAP) by the Film Board of Canada. Rosa Lima, based on mental health themes, is his first venture as a director.