Panelist: Chris DeBlasio  - Executive Producer | CEO of Agency 850 

---As an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, Chris DeBlasio, founder of Agency 850 and 850 Entertainment, has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for filmmaking that will not rest. While living in New Jersey, Chris studied professional acting at night at the School for Film and Television in Manhattan while also working in sales & advertising during the day.  In 2007 he landed roles on several television shows, including One Life to Live, All My Children, Guiding Light, and CSI: NY. After relocating to Los Angeles to pursue acting, Chris realized his true passion for film production and the business side of filmmaking. Chris worked tirelessly to build Agency 850 into a full-service Atlanta film production and product placement company to the entertainment business. As Owner and CEO, Chris leads Agency 850 in its focus on innovative filmmaking, product placement/integration in television and film, digital marketing, and branding. Recently, Chris has worked as Executive Producer on the film Voices that is slated to come out in late 2020. 


Panelist: Chris Helton - Founder | CEO of Silver Line Films Inc. 

---Mr. Helton began his film career as an actor in 2000. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mr. Helton started Silver Line Productions, LLC. For over 15 years, Mr. Helton produced television programming, marketing DVD productions, and online video campaigns. In 2012, Mr. Helton began focusing on film exclusively. With a passion for the creative side and the financial side, Mr. Helton brings with him a wealth of knowledge. Mr. Helton delivered programming for major cable and studio operations and the United States Air Force. Mr. Helton is a combat veteran who uses his experiences to create a clear vision for success for Silver Line Films. He is the producer of Runnin' from my Roots in 2016. In Mr. Helton is the director and producer of Dead Water, a film made entirely in the U.S.V.I. in 2018 that was released on July 26th of this year.


Moderator: Sheena Wiley - Creator of “Georgia Box Office” 

Sheena Wiley is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Tennessee State University. She then relocated to Virginia where she quickly moved into a career in broadcast as a news camera operator and freelancer. She decided that she also enjoyed being in front of the camera and producing projects, so she started producing and hosting for local shows. She has since relocated to Atlanta where she has been living for the past seven years. Inspired by the entertainment boom in Georgia, Sheena was determined to be a part of the action. With the help of her husband Sheena created Georgia Box Office, a TV series about the TV and film industry in Georgia currently on Amazon Prime.