In Love With Allie Barker.jpg


Feature Film (Coming of Age, Revenge, Thriller, LGBTQ, Drama)

a film by Chris and Robert Smellin (Australia)

18-year-old Ally Barker is a loner and an onlooker in life she lives with her alcoholic father and only the memory of a mother she never knew. Soon the mysterious 19-year-old Sara Walker moves next door to her which will change her life forever. Sara lives with her disfigured twisted step father and estranged mother.

Ally’s path eventually crosses Sara’s, quickly they from a strong bond as two lost souls that find solace in one another. However, Ally is hiding a secret from everyone in her life, unexpectedly Sara discovers Ally’s secret which almost tears them apart. Instead of losing the connection she made with Sara, Ally allows herself to be manipulated and convinced to participate in an act of naive revenge against her abuser.

They abduct Ally’s abuser with the intention of manufacturing his murder, a deed Sara is prepared to undertaken, but Ally is plagued by uncertainty. She divided between vengeance, losing Sara and the real possibility she might have to commit murder, an inescapable action. Ally’s turmoil and unease finally erodes away her desire for revenge and at the risk of losing Sara, she decides attempt to rescue herself and sequentially her abuser from the murder plot before it’s too late.


Current Masters students at RMIT University and past short films have screened at over 100 film festivals including Sitges, Worldfest, St. Louis international and Shriekfest.