Four Corners.jpg


Short Film (Drama)

a film by Matthew Myslinski (USA)

Distraught to learn that there is nowhere else in the world left to discover, accomplished explorer Nathaniel J. Lockwood frantically seeks new direction in his life.


Matthew Myslinski is an independent film director whose work has screened at festivals and venues worldwide, including the Festival de Cannes and Universal Studios.

Along with writing and directing his own projects, Matthew actively participates as crew on feature films and television series such as: 'Wonder Woman 1984,' 'Scandal,' 'House of Cards,' and 'The Passage,' and with noteworthy organizations like: 'National Geographic,' 'The Smithsonian Institute,' 'Elle Magazine,' and 'Legg Mason.'

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Matthew holds a BFA in Cinematic Arts and is happy to have a filmmaking education to supplement his work in the field.

Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Matthew is intrinsically motivated in forwarding his career in exciting, new directions as he continues to grow and mature as a filmmaker. He is always looking forward to the next project and whatever the future may hold.