Broken Treasures.jpg


Short Film (Drama)

a film by Sondra Sottile (Italy)

A 1000 yr old legend of an egg never found and how it holds a city in the balance of destruction. A young girl today who is ready to toss aside her treasures just because they where damaged and a pure hearted street orphan who with courage finds a treasure that until then no one understood its value.

A story where brokenness reveals the sole element of hope for the tired and torn city of Naples, Italy.

It takes an orphan street boy to see its true value. He finds an old treasure chest in the rocks near the Castle Ovo of Naples. Against all rejection and with courageous determination he journeys through the streets of Naples looking for someone to give value to his broken treasure. Only to find one person who recognizes its the priceless treasure of a time long ago. Not knowing he holds in his hands the answer to an old legend that kept the city in great doom and fear.

A vision of promise for those filled with cracks and uncertainty. Only when the surface is broken the light can shine through.


Sondra L Sottile was born and raised in Seattle area. She married an Italian and living in Rome Italy for over 36 yrs. Card carrying Cherokee Indian Citizen. Started a career as Voice over/Speaker for Orbit Satellite Network, Rome Italy. Creating promos for Network Channels. Recorded hundreds of promos for cross channels.

Created and Directed English/Italian magazine Da Donna a Donna

In 2008/9 produced 28 episodes of Network show 
Dritto al Cuore on Italian TV.

2009 directed/produced 10 music videos Carol Celico Universal Music Brazil.

2010 directed the Bio Film of KAKA Ricardo (KAKA) Isecson Dos Santos Leite , famous Brazilian Soccer Star titled, 
“Este e’ Ritmo do meo Jogo” “The Rhythm of my Game” in 14 Languages e più di 800,000 copies in tutto il mondo.

2011 Author, the Biography of International Soccer Star Edinson Cavani “ Tutto Quello che ho nel Cuore” 
Mondadori Publishing Italy.

Dritto al Cuore, Italy 
28 episodes lifetime interviews of People in Sports/film/politics

2015-17 Skymuse Studios , Studio Director , Stanwood Wa USA

2016/17 Directed and Co Produced “Think Like Your Dog” episodic shows on everything dogs with Author D. Young.

June 2019 wrote and Directed ‘Broken Treasures”. Naples, Italy