Black Pool.jpg


Feature Film (Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Drama)

a film by Dustin Morrow (Ireland/USA)

A dark, dingy basement. One man is tied to a chair. Another man stands before him, gripping a large hammer. A video camera whirs away in the background. 
“How do you know me?” asks the man with the hammer. 
“I’ve never seen you before in my life,” answers the man in the chair. 
“You will tell me how you know me, and what you’ve done to me, or you won’t get out of that chair alive.”

So begins "Black Pool", a gripping thriller of imprisonment and interrogation, as three desperate people engage in a battle of wills that may leave one of them dead. Set all in one night, the film uses a contemporary story of fatalism and vengeance to explore the conflict that has raged in Northern Ireland for nearly a hundred years.

Michael is a tortured Irishman living with his wife Emma in America. Perpetually down on his luck, he has projected his life’s misfortune onto a stranger, a man who changed his life in a tragic incident nearly thirty years earlier. A shadowy figure he saw for only a fleeting moment. But tonight, through a chance encounter, he believes he’s found the man who ruined his life. And he’s going to make him pay.

But does he have the right man?

This question ignites a revenge-fueled game of cat-and-mouse that will test Michael’s understanding of his past. And caught between the two men is Emma, who may hold the only key to escaping the night alive.

This Irish/American co-production was written and directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Dustin Morrow, and stars Tom Walton, Amber Stonebraker and Todd Van Voris. The film was partially shot on location in Dublin and Belfast.


Dustin Morrow is an Emmy-winning filmmaker, bestselling author, and tenured professor. He teaches courses in digital film production and film studies at Portland State University. Prof. Morrow’s films have won numerous awards and been screened in more than 30 countries around the world. He has written about film and pop culture for a host of publications, and his photographs have been featured in both solo and group exhibitions. Before re-entering academia, Morrow was an editor and director of shortform projects and series television in Los Angeles, for such clients as MTV and the Discovery Channel, and with such filmmakers as Spike Jonze, Michael Apted, Steven Soderbergh, and Guy Ritchie. He continues to operate his own independent production company, Little Swan Pictures, for which recent projects have taken him as far away as the Aleutian Sea.

Among his recent works are the feature-film contemporary musical Everything Went Down, which was the subject of a TED Talk and has screened at film festivals around the world, taken Best Film honors at five film festivals, and was a runaway success on the streaming service Hulu. Other recent projects include the experimental short films Dead Mall, Treetops, and Ground London, which have screened and won awards at festivals worldwide.

In 2013 Focal Press published Prof. Morrow’s book Producing for TV and New Media, a core text at universities across the country. Kathleen Turner on Acting: Conversations about Film, Television and Theatre, a collaborative book he wrote with the legendary actress, was published by Skyhorse Press in Fall 2018. The audiobook, read by the authors, was released by Audible in Spring 2019. Prof. Morrow was the director of the Greenfield Youth Film Festival, one of the largest youth media education programs in the country, and is currently the founding director of the Portland Music Video Festival, one of the only festivals in the world dedicated exclusively to the art and craft of music videos. He has received grants for his work totaling more than half a million dollars.