Short Film (Sports/Drama)

a film by Mohammad Bakhshi (Iran)

Winner of over 35 International Film Awards, Are You Volleyball tells the story of a group of Arabic speaking asylum-seekers who arrive at the country’s border and can't keep going. Their daily conflict with the border guards is broken when a young deaf-mute boy becomes the catalyst for better communication between two groups.


Mohammad Bakhshi became interested in cinema in his teenage years and started his filmmaking education by joining the Youth Cinema Society of Rafsanjan in 2005. He received his Bachelors in Cinema from Tehran’s University of Art in 2010 and his Masters in Theater from Azad University a few years later. 

Mohammad has won more than 120 awards from national and international film festivals and his films have been screened in 350 festivals included OSCAR,GOYA and BAFTA qualifying film festivals such as ShortShorts, Lanzarote, Encounters, and Alicante.

He has participated in several national and international film festival as a jury member .