A Toast To A Deadman.png


Short Film (Drama)

a film by Richard Tavernaro (USA)

A mercenary returns from battle as the last remaining member of the team he’s spent years living, training and fighting with - but is there more to this story than first appears?


Richard Tavernaro has had several lives, so to speak. He was born into a military family and as a child lived all over the world. Before his 18th birthday, he had lived in England, Greece, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Florida and Georgia and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and South/Central America.

His adult life has taken him in many different directions - he spent 20 years (combined active and reserve duty) as an officer in the US Army, taught special education, worked as a high school counselor, athletic coach, psychologist and now in the entertainment industry.

He holds four degrees (Bachelors, Masters and two Doctorates) in psychology and education from various universities along with numerous professional board certifications.

Richard got his start in the entertainment industry when “retired” to work on a book he’d been trying to write for years (a "how to" for parents of teenagers). After several months of working exclusively on writing this book, he began to suffer from cabin fever and needed something to break up the writers block. An actress friend suggested that he submit as an Extra as a way to get out of the house. He was immediately hooked at began to pursue principal roles rather than continuing as an extra.

Richard is now a SAG-Eligible Actor, award-winning filmmaker and a member of the Producers Guild.